SQLINQ Class Library  (April 2015)
Using SQLINQ to transform UML to C#
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CSQLINQGeneratorSQLINQGenerator - MonoBehaviour is inherited only make the script attachable to a game object and attributes editable.
 CUMLModelParserThis version of the UMLModelParser evaluates a Software Ideas Modeller file save (an XML document) and transforms it into a GeneratorSpec instance. Tested with SIM 8.2 (February 2015).
 CPreparedSqlLiteInsertCommandSince the insert never changed, we only need to prepare once.
 CSQLiteConnectionRepresents an open connection to a SQLite database.
 CSQLiteConnectionStringRepresents a parsed connection string.
 CBaseClassContains the lowest level object which has an OID associated with it.
 CLazyLoadChildrenProvides lazy loading abilities on children of a relationship.
 CLazyLoadMasterProvides lazy load abilities for type T
 CRepositoryThe purpose of the repository is to keep track of all objects that are loaded in from calls to the database. The system keeps track of the transient objects and will return the current transient object first before reloading one from a database.