SQLINQ Class Library  (April 2015)
Using SQLINQ to transform UML to C#
Assets.SQLINQ.SQLite.Net.SQLiteCommand Class Reference

Public Member Functions

int ExecuteNonQuery ()
IEnumerable< T > ExecuteDeferredQuery< T > ()
List< T > ExecuteQuery< T > ()
List< T > ExecuteQuery< T > (TableMapping map)
IEnumerable< T > ExecuteDeferredQuery< T > (TableMapping map)
ExecuteScalar< T > ()
void Bind (string name, object val)
void Bind (object val)
override string ToString ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void OnInstanceCreated (object obj)
 Invoked every time an instance is loaded from the database. More...


string CommandText [get, set]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void Assets.SQLINQ.SQLite.Net.SQLiteCommand.OnInstanceCreated ( object  obj)

Invoked every time an instance is loaded from the database.

objThe newly created object.

This can be overridden in combination with the SQLiteConnection.NewCommand method to hook into the life-cycle of objects.

Type safety is not possible because MonoTouch does not support virtual generic methods.