SQLINQ Class Library  (April 2015)
Using SQLINQ to transform UML to C#
Package Assets.SQLINQ.SQLite.Patterns


class  BaseClass
 Contains the lowest level object which has an OID associated with it. More...
interface  IBaseTable
class  LazyLoadChildren
 Provides lazy loading abilities on children of a relationship. More...
class  LazyLoadMaster
 Provides lazy load abilities for type T More...
class  Repository
 The purpose of the repository is to keep track of all objects that are loaded in from calls to the database. The system keeps track of the transient objects and will return the current transient object first before reloading one from a database. More...
class  ValidationMessage
class  ValidationResult


enum  MessageType { Error, Warning, Information }


delegate void OperationInjection< MASTERCLASS, CHILDCLASS > (MASTERCLASS aMaster, CHILDCLASS aChild)