SQLINQ Class Library  (April 2015)
Using SQLINQ to transform UML to C#
Assets.SQLINQ.SQLite.Net.Orm Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static string SqlDecl (TableMapping.Column p, bool storeDateTimeAsTicks)
static string SqlType (TableMapping.Column p, bool storeDateTimeAsTicks)
static bool IsPK (MemberInfo p)
static string Collation (MemberInfo p)
static bool IsAutoInc (MemberInfo p)
static IEnumerable< IndexedAttributeGetIndices (MemberInfo p)
static int MaxStringLength (PropertyInfo p)
static bool IsMarkedNotNull (MemberInfo p)

Public Attributes

const int DefaultMaxStringLength = 140
const string ImplicitPkName = "Id"
const string ImplicitIndexSuffix = "Id"