SQLINQ Class Library  (April 2015)
Using SQLINQ to transform UML to C#
Assets.SQLINQ.Generator.ModelObject Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 ModelObject (string aObjectIdentifier, string aName, string aObjectType, string aSubType, string aStereotype, bool aIsAbstract, string aNote)
ModelObject GetRootClass ()
 Gets the lowest class in an inheritance hierarchy More...

Public Attributes

string ObjectIdentifier
string Name
string ObjectType
string SubType
string Stereotype
bool isAbstract
string Note
List< ModelConnectionStartConnections
List< ModelConnectionEndConnections
List< ModelAttributeAttributes


bool IsRootClass [get]

Member Function Documentation

ModelObject Assets.SQLINQ.Generator.ModelObject.GetRootClass ( )

Gets the lowest class in an inheritance hierarchy